martedì 3 luglio 2007

Detonazione - Sorvegliare e Punire 7" 1983

Killin' post-punk/no wavers from Udine (Italy)

Detonazione were Bruno Romani (alto sax,vocals,samples),Gianni Brianese (fretless bass), Glen Celeghin (drums),Loris Lavia (guitar), Giorgio Cantoni (synths), Fabio Scroccaro (percussions, synths). The group was borned under the wing of social centers, but always found difficulty to estabilish theirselves in this contest, because they didnt sound "hardcore". The music is a perfect mixture between the noisy jazz echoes from the no-wave area and the tribal post-punk sounds, with a massive storm of synthesizers. They released this four tracks 7" (33 rpm) in 1983 for Tunnel Records, enclosed in the Rockgarage magazine (number 0/4), 'Riflessi Conseguenti' in 1984, and a compilation with rarities, called 'Ultimi Pezzi', in 1989. A track called 'Dead planet blues ' was also included in the F/EAR This! compilation.

A1 I dont wanna be (a frustrated one)
A2 This is religion
B1 Assenza di pensiero
B2 Staticità malata

Tunnel Records P1983


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20 anni che non lo sentivo.pelle d' oca, oggi come allora. Grandi!

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grazie ! non è che hai pure 'dentro me' ?!

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scusate ma come lo avete scaricato io non ci riesco ciao e grazie

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thanks, this is fucking great!

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Il link per il download non funzia ... è possibile ripristinarlo? Grazie