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The Tea Set - Parry Thomas/Trix Pan 7" 1980

Herttfordshire-based punk/poppers (Uk)

The Tea Set's Nic Egan, Ron West and Cally (just "Cally") were students at Watford College of Art where they mingled with Wire founders Colin Newman, Bruce Gilbert and George Gill (whose song "Mary is a Dyke" may have heavily influenced the Tea Set's "B52-G"). Ron and Cally played together in the Bears, whose 1977 45 debuted Watford Art grad Phil Smee's Waldo's label, and Cally had done the Nigel Simpkins EP on his own (Waldo's 002), so the Tea Set finally arrived with Waldo's 003: the Cups and Saucers EP. This came in a fancy booklet, but it wasn't a patch on their second, Parry Thomas, which arrived in a folder sleeve on four different colours of paper –with a poster, a card and a 'tea bag'. Cally: "Most all of the Waldos releases were laboriously hand-assembled and packed in Phil's living room. We dreaded a hit!". The A-side was included also in the compilation 'The Indie Scene 1980'.

A1 Parry Thomas
B1 Trix Pan

Waldos Records PS 006


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