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Arbeid Adelt! - De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen (7'', 1982)

Experimental minimal synth from Belgium

Arbeid Adelt! was formed in 1981 by Marcel Vanthilt (Max Alexander) and Jan Van Roelen (David Salamon). Together they produced the singles "Ik sta scherp" (which can be translated both as "I'm so sharp", or "I'm so horny"). Their first gig lasted only seven minutes as they had only 2 songs to perform : "Ik sta scherp" and "Schuld, mij treft geen ..." (Blame, I'm not to ...). Soon more songs were to follow.

"De dag dat het zonlicht ..." (the day the sunlight...) was performed on national television in the program "Hitring" and was a shock-surprise. There was a lot of fuzz about the single because crooner John Terra felt upset. Just at that time he had a hit called "De dag dat het zonlicht niet meer scheen" (The day the sunlight stopped shining). Although the number was far from a cover version, the poor man felt attacked by the line "dat was de dag, de dag dat John met mijn vriend verdween). Later on, the group was joined by Luc Van Acker with whom they recorded the mini-album "Jonge Helden" (Young heroes). Their amusing lunacy and their inventive clips made "Lekker Westers" (Nicely Western) and "De man die alles noteert" (The man who takes notes of everything) popular favorites. They split up after finishing their second mini-album "Le chagrin en Quatre-vingt". Only one year later, the group reformed without Luc Van Acker...


A1 De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen
B1 Het Amusementsbedrijf

Parsley, Wereldrecords PP 018, 2

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