martedì 6 novembre 2007

Voice Farm - Double Garage / Elevate (7'', 1981)

Great minimal synth from San Francisco (USA)

Voice Farm was a San Francisco electronic music band formed in 1981. The history of Voice Farm can be traced back to the chance meeting of Charly Brown, an artist and musician from Portland and Myke Reilly, who served a three month prison sentence in Berlin for experimenting with pirate television there. The circle was complete when former baseball player Ken Weller was added. Regional alternative radio and club play was sparked by a pair of albums released by Ralph and Systematic Records. The group earned national attention in 1990 as the opening act on Depeche Mode's U.S. concert tour. The last release from the band was an independent release in 1995 called "The Love Experiment".


A1 Double Garage
B1 Elevate

Optional / Systematic 5

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impossibile scaricarlo. peccato...

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Anonimo ha detto...

Your direct links work perfectly for me. This is a great idea, I hope more bloggers will follow your example (especially those who use Rapid$hare).
Your blog is excellent, congratulations.

charlybro ha detto...


If you love Texas Mormon Polygamists Cults as much as I do, you'll adore this intriguing new clip from Voice Farm.
This is 1st in a series of 4 new video's that will welcome people to the new (still under construction) Voice Farm website.

Enjoy the magic!

Charly Brown
Voice Farm

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