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Moskow - Man From Uncle (7'', 1978)

Pre-Bolshoi post punk band (UK)

Before there was The Bolshoi, there was Moskow, a post-punk band based out of Trowbridge. There is little info available about the band, which only put out one single before breaking up. It was apparently managed by Allan Partner, who started TW records. The members included Trevor (who was going by Trevor Flynn -- using his mother's maiden name after his father left his family) and Jan. Whether they formed the band or not is really not known at this time. The single that was released was "Man From Uncle," which actually has been put out three times. Trevor is credited on bass, Jan on drums, and both probably contributed back-up vocals. Trevor is also listed as a co-writer of "Too Much Commotion."

One other mystery - on the initial 1978 SRS-2103 release, David Ashmore is credited with writing "Man From Uncle" and Ashcroft/David Cole are credited with "White Black." On the subsequent releases (on Rialto in 1979, then TW in 1982), Cole's name remains, but a Dave Luckhurst is credited alongside, then instead of, Ashmore. It's possible that David Ashmore and Luckhurst are the same person, just like Trevor Flynn amd Tanner are. But who knows at this point? Cole and Luckhurst went on to play with other small punk banks in the UK.


A1 Man from Uncle
B1 White Black


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Anonimo ha detto...

David Ashmore is David Luckhurst and was the main member of the group with Jan Kalicki and David Cole (real name (Cook). Then came Trevor Tanner and keyboard player Dave Matthews. I know all this as my brother Alan managed them.
They should have done better- although Jan and Trevor became part of the Bolshoi, Dave Luckhurst formed Crazy House and Dave Cook went on to Silent Guests.

Anonimo ha detto...

please re-upload if not too much hasle...would love to hear this ...cheers Mel