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Camera 3 - Russians in Space (7", 1979)

Another hidden post punk pearl from London (UK)

1980 single on Service Records (SER 001) by band of Andy Johnson (brother of The The's Matt Johnson) aka Andy Dog. cover design also by Andy Dog.
Andy "Dog" Johnson is the older brother of The The's Matt Johnson. He is an artist best known for designing the record sleeves of The The in the 1980s and 1990s which were produced under the pseudonym of 'Andy Dog'. His work has a very distinctive style and often features tortured, grimacing figures coupled with dark, sad themes. He trained at Camberwell School of Art and contributed to many underground comics and magazines, also working for the music press. He was responsible for establishing the visual identity of the Some Bizzare record label. He currently lives and works as an artist in rural Suffolk, East England.

The 7" was produced by Simon Millward and Anton Loach while Mark Rowlatt played the drums. This session was also recorded in the Metabolist studio.

Aside from Mark Rowlatt on drums, Camera 3 consisted of:

Paul Miller - bass
Graham Weston - guitar
Andrew Johnson - vocals & keyboards


A1 Russians In Space
B1 The Solution To All Problems

Service Records SER 001

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