domenica 19 aprile 2009

Pseudo Code - Moon Effect 7'' EP 1981

Active between 1980 and 1982, this Belgian experimental group comprised Alain Neffe, Xavier Stenmans and Guy-Marc Hinant. Around Midnight was recorded in rehearsal, and thus the sound is slightly imperfect. Sandwich Records released two Pseudo Code EPs during 1980/81 (Far Away From My Own Land, Moon Effect) and two cassette albums (Potlatch Music I and II). Other recordings from this period include the albums Europa (Pseudo Records) and the 10" EP Light. Neffe ran the prolific cassette label Insane Music, and also records as BeNe GeSSeRiT, among many other guises. Guy-Marc Hinant is a partner in the Sub Rosa label. Xavier Stenmans works for Belgian national radio and television

A1 Moon Effect (4:50)
A2 Memories (2:55)
B1 No Desire (1:55)
B2 Slow Defeat (4:50)
B3 Real Action (2:05)

Sandwich Records SR10


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A total ha detto...

oh ive been looking for this one. BIG THANK YOU!

Salaried Man Club ha detto...

This is superb, especially the eponymous track. Just delirious.