lunedì 20 aprile 2009

Stranger Station - Minutes To Silence 7'' 1981

Stranger Station was originally formed in late 1978 by Simon Driscoll and Judith Golberg. They played electronic music which was original in having no drums or percussion of any description .The band played many gigs and free festivals highlights included an electronic music festival at the Spectro Arts Center in Newcastle. They also supported Wishbone Ash at St Albans City Hall (now the Arena). In 1981 they released the single 'Minutes to Silence' which 25 years later is a favorite of the minimal electronic fans. The band disbanded about 1983 .

A Minutes To Silence
B Strangers

Superwop ST 01


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Anonimo ha detto...

many thanks, fantastic blog

pbarnett ha detto...
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pbarnett ha detto...

I had this on cassette tape, recorded from the radio in '81, and have been looking for a better copy ever since.
Looking forward to hearing the B-side, too!
Thanks, guys!

Muravchix ha detto...

got Anna Logue 22 - Stranger Station Echoes in Infinity and also recommend buying that vynil, its pretty much as good as this great single