lunedì 20 aprile 2009

Ich - Untitled LP 2005 Bootleg

Berlin based minimal synth musician, started his career in the early 80`s and released several tapes at the time.

Limited edition of 100+/- copies (it is not clear how many copies were pressed exactly).
Two different names of the label are indicated on the sleeve: Takahara and Takahama.
The compilation contains a selection of tracks from the four known "Ich" tapes.
This bootleg did not become mastered correctly.
The labels are hand-stamped with a japanese motive (geisha) and writing.

A1 123234
A2 Much Better
A3 Was
A4 Anelpos
A5 Unfall
B1 Kraftfahrt
B2 Speicher 8
B3 Aberglaube
B4 Zeittransfer/Aufbruch

Takahara XXX


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very exciting stuff! its great to see you among the living again!