lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Necropolis of Love - The Hope EP 1984

The band came together in 1981 in Berkeley, California as the brainchild of Peter Vinella, who had just finished a brief stint as bassist for Public Image Ltd. Tim Hesla joined in as bassist and whenever circumstances required, saxophonist.
And Dave 'Slave' Velasquez, a local from the Berkeley punk scene came in looking for a challenge and a change of pace...joined as vocalist.

In the six years that NOL played together they released two singles (the first being pressed by a french label Rouen Records) and one album called ' the Hope', here ripped. NOL toured quite a bit in California, often playing in the Los Angeles area at venues like the Lhasa Club, the Anti-Club -and becoming a favorite for such underground clubs such as 'the Theoretical Club'.

A1 Talk
A2 Done & Gone
A3 The Tunnel
B1 Dance
B2 Catsong

Thumb Records


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palaeologos ha detto...

Not that I don't appreciate your sharing, but really : what would be so difficult about properly tagging your rips? "New Album" by "New Artist", and each song is apparently named "REC00000".

C'mon, guy, it's not like it's that hard...