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Dark Day - Trapped (12'', 1981)

Dark Day's first album "Exterminating Angel" followed in 1980. The band consisted of Robin, Phil Kline, and Barry Friar, but the lineup remained fluid, and at various times included Steven Brown and Peter Principle (Tuxedomoon), filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, Nina Canal and David Rosenbloom (Glenn Branca). The album's release was followed with a promotional 12 inch "Trapped" whose b-side "The Exterminations 1-6", six hyper-reverse mixes, remains Robin's favorite of his early work. During this time Dark Day played live concerts in New York City at The Mudd Club, TR3, CBGB's, Max's Kansas City, Hurrah's, and Trax as well as M-80, the New No Now Wave Festival in Minneapolis. A mini-tour of Europe included gigs at Leuven, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam.

After a brief shift in aesthetics, Robin reformed Dark Day as a synthetic keyboard duo with Bill Sack and recorded a second album "Window".


A1 Trapped
B1 The Exterminations 1 To 6

Lust/Unlust Music JMB 238

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amazing......thanks a ton. i saw that no new wave was great. monochrome set, tuxedo moon, judy nylon, dove with their message of love, the girls! most were unknown to me and really fun....