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La Fura Dels Baus - Accions (CD Remastered, 1998)

La Fura dels Baus is a Catalan theatrical group founded in 1979 in Barcelona known for their urban theatre, use of unusual settings and blurring of the boundaries separating audience and actor. La Fura dels Baus is a company in a permanent process of transformation that, since it was founded, has approached new challenges in the field of the performing arts. Its occasional shows and events have had an enormous impact on both international critics and audiences. It would be no exaggeration to say that since Actions/Accions (1983) La Fura dels Baus can be considered as a cult group for its thousands of followers all over the world. La Fura has developed its own language, style and aesthetics over the years based on collective creation.

A sequence of seven "actions" employing intense dramatic spectacle and music. The performance happens at ground level among the spectators and only the musicians and the high wires are raised. The performance space, usually a deserted warehouse, is used to the utmost dramatic effect. 1 MIRA. Saxophone, voice and synthesizers create an exhilarating start to the performance. 2 HOMES DE FANG. Three men, naked and caked in mud, make their way among the crowd. They eat raw eggs, smearing them over their faces and then crawl into barrels. 3 FAKIRS. Two men in suits knock down a wall and wreck a car with axes and sledgehammers; fireworks speed along overhead wires. 4 HOME BLANC. A man wearing buskins and covered with white paste moves towards a large white canvas cloth hanging on one of the walls. 5 BIPS. The men in the car cover two mud men with blue and black paint and then chase them among the audience throwing noodles at them. 6 CORDES. Two men hang from a pair of ropes and make their way towards the big canvas. Their bodies are covered with transparent plastic and they burst bags of red paint creating a red explosion. 7 LONA. The plastic men and the white man perform a body painting action on the big canvas, flailing their limbs erratically so that the canvas is daubed with red paint.

Creators / performers: Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca, Jordi Arús,“Hansel” Cereza, Miki “Espuma”,Pep Gatell, Jürgen Müller, Alex Ollè, Carles Padrisa, Pere Tantinyà
Production and management: Andreu Morte & Mercè Illa.
Creative drafter: Andreu Morte
Lighting design: Ramón Rey
Sound design: Pablo J. Loyzaga
Produced by the Centre Dramàtic de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Barcelona) and La Fura dels Baus.

Props: 1 white canvas sheet measuring 14 x 6 m,2 axes, 2 sledgehammers, torches, 3 drums,2 ceiling cables, stage for the musicians Perishable material: 1 car per performance, 200 litres of paint,grey mud, 40 kilos of soup pasta, sawdust,fireworks Venues : disused industrial buildings, factories, markets, abandoned slaughterhouses, churches, jails...

Between 600 and 1.500 m*, 50 kw of electric power


01 Instrucciones
02 Mira
03 Hombres De Barro
04 Huevos
05 Faquires
06 Fuego
07 Hombre Blanco
08 Bips
09 Cuerdas
10 Lona
11 Motor
12 Grito

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