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Eric Random - Dow Chemical Company (7'' 1981)

Experimental multi-instrumentalist Eric Random released three albums and a slew of singles between 1980 and 1987, tracing a fascinating post-punk arc from art-bruit to esoteric jazz and funk inflections, and later exploring non-Western idioms with his group The Bedlamites. Hailing from Manchester, Random struck up enduring associations with Buzzcock Pete Shelley, Velvets femme fatale Nico and (most notably) with Sheffield avant gardists Cabaret Voltaire, with whom much of his early material bears comparison.

In April 1981 Random took part in a brief New Hormones package tour with Ludus around Belgium and Holland, and this connection lead to the release of a third single via chic Brussels-based independent, Les Disques du Crepuscule. Released in July 1981, again on 7" only, TWI 029 coupled Subliminal with 23 Skidoo, and explores similarly ominous sonic surrounds to the debut ep. May also saw the release of another 7" single on New Hormones, (ORG 11), combining Dow Chemical Company with Skin Deep. Less austere than the debut ep recorded a year before, both tracks offered bubbling, rhythmic sound patterns, and were the first to feature other musicians, with Lynn Walton contributing vocals to DCC.


A1 Dow Chemical Company
B1 Skin Deep

New Hormones ORG 11

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Great post, this one. Thanks a lot!

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Serious Appreciation!

Definitely digging the same dark/cold yet rhythm driven selections.

Looking for more in the vain of Vanity Music (Japan) and such ridiculously out-of-time electronic music.

Listening right now to Agem's Sekunda, which is absolutely ridiculous Snatch Tapes-like music. Sound collage DJ-ing, rhythm boxes...

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dead link

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Only just discovered your blog, bloody love it! Wall to wall quality stuff.
Any chance you can re-post this one?