giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

Schleimer K / Die Partei - The Stag / Strahlsund (7'' FLEXI 1982)

One of the most interesting flexi split coming from the dutch Vinyl Magazine serie. In A side we have the great minimal synth Schleimer K from U.K. with a killin track (dont miss the 12'' Fugitive Kind and the s/t LP, still ripped on mutantsounds blog), in the B a very synth-experimental german band, Die Partei (check also their LP 'La Freiheit Des Geistes'). It finish for cheap often on Ebay, so simply take a look and buy.


A1 Schleimer K - The Stag
B1 Die Partei - Strahlsund

Vinyl Magazine SHOL 3258

Download from Mass Mirror

2 commenti:

frankie teardrop ha detto...

Dark Day definitely have their moments...i've been meaning to draw a post up on those gents for some time now.

love this blog- a lot of treats to be found!

frankie teardrop ha detto...

ahh, i left a comment on the wrong post. just giving this split a spin...always been keen on schleimer k, and the die partei track is exquisite! thanks!

i've added you to my list of favorite blogs, and look forward to more goodies.