martedì 8 gennaio 2008

Karnak - When The Doors Are Closed (7'', 1984)

Karnak were one of the most impressive exponents of the florentine dark-wave scene, togheter with their friends Neon, Polyactive/Pankow and Litfiba. They printed officially only this 7'', on the storical label Electric Eye, directed by Claudio Sorgi: obsessive rhytms adapt well to the liquid harmonies of guitar, and the hysteric and lamenting vocals are fantastically inserted into the general context, alongside strident pseudo-noise effects. Simply great.


A1 When The Doors Are Closed
A2 Saqqara Lights
B1 Northern Tempest

Electric Eye 001

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simone ha detto...

can you re-upload this record? pleeeeeeease,i didn't found it in any other site or blog.
PS: great blog!