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Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys (7'', 1978)

Patrik Fitzgerald was born Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald, in Stratford East London March 19 1956, of working-class Irish immigrant parents. After finishing school, he spent 3 years on the dole, one and a half year in an insurance office, three months in Co-op offices in Stratford and six months with the Civil Services. He started recording and performing with the uprising of the punk movement in 1977, after working 9 months as an actor and musican in the Soapbox Theatre in Stratford. He auditioned for London SS with Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X) in 1975.

Early songs were generally short, sarcastic efforts, recorded with just an acoustic guitar and occasional studio effect; lyrics contained large amount of social comment, brief and hard-hitting they made their point and then went home, not unlike Patrik himself... Patrik was soon regarded as an original of his genre, somewhere between a punk-poet and an urban folksinger. The early recordings (3 EPs) were released by Small Wonder.


A1 Buy Me, Sell Me
A2 Little Dippers
B1 Trendy
B2 The Backstreet Boys

Small Wonder Records Small Six

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grt thanks!

Klangmaschinen ha detto...

Ah! This is a true gem! Patrik is totally underrated imho. I have always been a fan since the original stuff came out. Patrik always had this honest down to earth appeal that but him apart from all that punk posing and made his songs refreshing to listen.

BTW: Thanks for all your good work here!

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