lunedì 21 aprile 2008

Inflatable Boy Clams - Inflatable Boy Clams (2x7'' 1981)

Inflatable Boy Clams were Carol Detweiler (also member of Voice Farm and Pink Section), JoJo Planteen, Judy Gittelsohn (Pink Section member too) and Genvieve Boutet de Monvel. The record was produced on Subterrean Records by Myke Reilly of Voice Farm.


A1 Skeletons
B1 Snoteleks
C1 Marin
C2 I'm Sorry
D1 Boystown

Subterranean Records SUB 20

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Psyence Guy ha detto...

Thank you, this is a good one

Sister Of Gaga ≠ Mercy Spears ha detto...


Billy Belman ha detto...

this sounds a lot like teddy and the frat girls -- also from san francisco -- is anyone aware of a connection between the groups?


NarqFyst ha detto...

actually Matt, TEDDY AND THE FRAT GIRLS were from West Palm Beach.