sabato 12 aprile 2008

Various - Paranoise Volume 1 (CD 1995)

Gothic/industrial compilation released by the German magazine Paraneuja, distributed by Discordia with cat# 1994.


01 Clair Obscur - Tirésias
02 La Floa Maldita - Cécité Étoilé
03 Still Silent - TV God
04 Artwork - Spiel Ohne Grenzen
05 Common Spring - Nightingale's Complaint
06 Merlons Of Nehemiah, The - Testaroche
07 House Of Usher, The - Stars Fall Down (When Gods Awake)
08 Chandeen - Mourning Was Driven Ashore
09 Clair Obscur - Son Et Lumière
10 Mortal Constraint - Empty Eyes
11 Third Global Vagina Torture - Searching Of Gilgamesh
12 Legion - Deep White
13 Bel Am, The - Without Sense

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Frank ha detto...

zshare link is dead. Could you please recover ? Frank

W. ha detto...


I'd especially like to hear this because of the TGVT tract.

I look forward to a repost.

Many thanks

Anonimo ha detto...

ditto. it would be good to hear this if the file wasn't missing.

great blog