sabato 12 aprile 2008

Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron (CD 2005)

PSYCHOTRON, the vinyl cult album from the early 80's, is available again - this time as a CD. Schaltkreis Wassermann was the psychedelic electronic music project of Stella and PJ Wassermann in the eighties. The album 'Psychotron' reached the top ten of the English synthesizer charts.

More info about today's activities of Stella & PJ Wassermann at

The re-release of the album from 1981 includes 4 unreleased tracks.


01 Psychotron
02 Schwerkraft
03 Mutanten (Tanzen Rock'n'Roll)
04 Spaced Out
05 Gogogo
06 Mode
07 Danger Out Of Space
08 Weltraum-Boogie
09 Lux
10 Zeit und Raum
11 Space Shuttle
12 Hyperspace
13 WHY
14 Excursion

Hypermusic HD 21-2

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illusion ha detto...


Maestro ha detto...

Is there any chance to get this album please?

the saucer people ha detto...

Noticed your rip to the Psychotron album was down which was highly disappointing but fear not, the wonderful Fantasmi Macchina blog also posted the CD reissue (no idea if it is the same rip..this is at 192kbps so if yours is any higher maybe a repost is in order!)....

I noticed on the CD reissue it said there were four unreleased tracks but I am pretty sure three of them were released as singles (Space Shuttle and Hyper Space released as a 7 inch in 1981) and the track 'Why' appears to be the truncated title of their only 12 inch single from 1983 with the full title "Why Don´t We Live In Space?" though I maybe wrong about that (though both tracks have identical running times!)....

Definitely going to pick up the CD reissue, what an amazing album! Some of the tracks sound like they could have been recorded 29 seconds ago never mind 29 years!