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Los Microwaves - Radio Heart (7'' 1979)

Los Microwaves had been touring "coast to coast" for 3 years when upon moving to New York City from San Francisco, Interview Magazine's Glenn O'Brien wrote that they were "possibly the greatest rock band ever". After 2 more national tours, an LP on Poshboy records, and 4 cult hit singles, the band played their last show at New York's Danceteria in March 1983.

The main line-up included vocalist-bassist Meg Brazill, vocalist-keyboardist David Javelosa, and drummer-bassist Todd "Rosa" Rosencrans. The fourth member floated between Caroline Canning on percussion for the west coast, and Pilar Limosner on keyboards and fire-dancing for the east coast. The band had played venues in most major cities and college towns in the U.S. and Canada, and performed on tour with such bands as Gang of Four, Bow Wow Wow, Wall of Voodoo, XTC, Oingo Boingo, 999, Romeo Void, and Book of Love, to name a few.

Creating sound and music from the fusion of techno-punk, new wave pop, and electronic music, Los Microwaves featured a quirky audio theater that was best experienced live and from the dance floor. Sporting a combination of early portable synthesizers, bass and processed percussion, the music continues to deliver a unique groove, even by today's electronic methods.


A1 Radio Heart
B1 Coast to Coast

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