mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

UV Pop - Just A Game / No Songs Tomorrow (7'' 1982)

UV Pop is the main project of John K. White (ex I Scream Brothers). The "band" in fact consisted of nothing more than himself plus a series of pre-recorded backing tapes and his voice is as ragged as fingernails bitten to the quick, and the best items in his repertoire are those where he either distorts his vocals via some devious electronic gimmickry.
The 7'' was recorded at Western Works and produced by Cabaret Voltaire and U.V PØP and anticipated the fantastic LP 'No Songs Tomorrow. A particular thing is that the cover was designed and individually silk screened by Klive: there were 1000 copies made of this record and every sleeve looks different. Fortunatly, im one of these lucky owners :).


A1 Just A Game
B1 No Songs Tomorrow

Pax Records PAX 9

Download from Z Share

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sickie t ha detto...

i have visited and downloaded from here for the last couple of days now and just wanted to say what an excellent blog you have. all singles are of wonderful quality, both bitrate and musically. thank you especially for the brilliant uv pop and the room singles! i can't stop listening to them! thank you again for your effort!

Curious Guy ha detto...

Thanks Peter! Another one I can take off my list.

Anonimo ha detto...

This is why bluetvset looked familar. Caught you on slsk other day Peter. Sorry for razzing you. You are major contributor. Forgive this one.

Anonimo ha detto...

Listened to your advice. Maybe you will reconsider next time we meet. I have put up my collection on slsk.Its gonna take awhile to get them all on. Maybe this one can get unbanned?hmm..?


ginz77 ha detto...

Hello would You like to repost that EP, if You can, please? It seems nowhere to be found in anywhere...

If You want You can send me that from PM to ginzbrettion _ (replace " _ " with "at").

Thank You very much (hope You can help me)

Thank You anyway

ROOKSBY ha detto...

I would really love to hear this 7" if you could repost it sometime, hope you can help? x