domenica 10 febbraio 2008

Christof Glowalla - Erde 80 (7'' 1980)

This is simply THE berlinese minimal synth sound. A classic and cult 7'', also included in the 'New Deutsch' compilation some years ago. Registered on 9 and 10 Sept. 1980 in Musiclab Studio in Berlin, printed in 1000 copies.


A1 Erde 80
B1 Technik

CG 101

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Anonimo ha detto...

Buona foruna e viaggio sicuro a voi Peter M.


Anonimo ha detto...

Took your advice and ordered Das Kabinette. Eight tracks seems very little to pay almost thirty after shipping. But as you said " It's about passion, or no..."


soundhead ha detto...

I love your blog.

soundhead ha detto...

is there an andrew horrey 7" on their mailorder? or is it the daytime comp?

i'd like to hear some more andrew horrey.

Admin ha detto...

daytime ep

Knife in the Toaster ha detto...

This is a great single. Thanks for posting it!