domenica 10 febbraio 2008

2.3 - All Time Low / Where To Now? (7'' 1978)

2.3 was a post-punk band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 1977 as 2.3 Children (a moniker that reflected the offspring count of the average household), the group included Haydn Boyes-Weston on drums, Paul Shaft on bass, and guitarist Paul Bower. The group shortened their name to 2.3 a few months after forming and found themselves signed to Bob Last's Edinburgh, Scotland-based Fast imprint (the label that would become the first to release records by the Human League and Gang of Four) after impressing the label head at a show in Doncaster. The band released their first single in March of 1978 in the form of "All Time Low" and apparently weren't heard from again. Boyes-Weston's talents can also be heard on a couple of early Cabaret Voltaire records.


A1 All Time Low
B1 Where to Now?

Fast Product FAST2

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