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Mark Lane - Love Is So Aggravating (7'', 1981)

Going back to the early dawn of the new wave and punk movements, Mark Lane began his electronic music and tape splicing experiments in 1980. His first release in 1981 was a vinyl 7” entitled “Love is So Aggravating.” Although it was well received, it was the release of his 1984 mini-LP entitled “Who’s Really Listening?” that garnered him critical acclaim and cemented his place historically as one of the early pioneers of gothic industrial minimal electronic synthpop. Tracks like “Sojourn” and “White Glove” still rank very high among djs and aficionados of this era and have become standards of the genre.
During 1985 Mr. Lane made a short tour of the Netherlands with the founding members of the Klinik who were then touring their first record. Those shows and their recordings are still remembered as an innovative and important chapter in the history of the Belgian electronic music scene.
Additionally Lane collaborated with a large number of European musicians of the era including Martin Bowes of Attrition, Andy Szava-Kovats of Data-Bank-A, Guy Van Miegan of Vomito Negro, Richard Van Dellen of De Fabriek, Peter Van Vliet of Mekanik Kommando, Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, and many more.
In the mid 90’s Mark Lane released two CD-EPs “Black Lipstick” and “Shadow Merger” which in essence are sister recordings that link his past work to the present. Now at the height of his ardent analogue minimal wave style he celebrates his 25th music anniversary with three new releases, and continues to produce electronic music through a third decade.


A1 Love Is So Aggravating
B1 They Call It Game
B2 Mystery Hero

Artwerk Records ML-001

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